FROM LEFT: Massmart Sustainability Committee; "KK" Combi, M Rubin, D Brand, P Langeni, G Pattison, B Leroni

Sustainability Milestones





We launch our first ever sustainability
report. We adopt a comprehensive Ethical Code of Conduct and Environmental Policy, and we commit to investing 1% of profit after tax in Corporate Social Investment initiatives.
We enhance our sustainability reporting by including statistical sustainability performance data and sustainability objectives.

We announce a policy to provide free ARVs to our permanent staff and their spouses, and we launch the Massmart WDB Rural Women’s and the Massmart Umsobomvu Youth Development Funds.
Our Sustainability Report is significantly improved by the inclusion of an internally verified Key Performance Area (KPA) Scorecard.

We establish a Massmart Sustainability Committee, we announce the billion Rand Thuthukani Staff Empowerment Transaction and we start surveying the environmental practices of marine food suppliers.
Our sustainability reporting is further enhanced by making appropriate use of cross references to additional website based sustainability data and by introducing commentary from our Sustainability Committee.

We launch an integrated environmental strategy and we significantly increase our proactive engagement with external stakeholders from Government and Civil Society.
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Massmart’s Sustainability Proposition

Our sustainability proposition is to achieve commercial success by adopting a cost-effective mass distribution business model that simultaneously offers benefits on both ends of the retail value chain without compromising our commitment to socially responsible business practice.

Sustainability Proposition

This approach recognises that, for Massmart, good sustainability practice will involve:

  • sensibly integrating sustainability practices with commercial objectives;
  • offering suppliers an efficient channel to their markets;
  • optimising value for customers by providing affordable access to quality, safe merchandise; and
  • acting in a socially responsible manner which will involve embracing opportunities and managing risks arising from economic, environmental and social (triple bottom line) developments.

About this Report

We have, after discussion with stakeholder representatives, incorporated the best elements of previous sustainability reports into this fourth report. These elements have been supplemented by fresh stakeholder-inspired requirements that include:

  • condensing report content and enhancing graphic design to improve readability;
  • expanding the definition of our sustainability proposition to provide the reader with a better context for understanding our sustainability actions (see here);
  • referencing relevant web-based documentation to supplement information presented in this report;
  • describing the Group’s social responsiveness with reference to “icon” sustainability initiatives (see here); and
  • incorporating the Sustainability Committee’s perspective of Massmart’s sustainability performance (see here).

We are optimistic that we have, by responding constructively to this stakeholder input, produced a report that is readable, informative and relevant to the sustainability challenges facing our industry.

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