Online Annual Report 2009

Divisional profile

The Group comprises a managed portfolio of four divisions, each focused on high-volume, low-margin, low-cost distribution of mainly branded consumer goods for cash, through 256 stores in 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our sales figures Operating profit before income tax Value added Customer satisfaction
  Corporate (R66.9m) Other (R75.6m)  
R43,128.7m R1,950.6m R10,052.5m 75.1%
MDD R11,206.0m MDD R584.4m MDD R3,249.4m MDD 77.0%
MW R11,102.4m MW R718.6m MW R2,131.4m MW 71.7%
MB R5,604.6m MB R228.8m MB R1,797.8m MB 79.9%
MC R15,215.7m MC R485.7m MC R2,949.5m MC 73.8%
HIV/Aids prevalence Our BBBEE score Our purchased electricity emissions intensity Corporate socialinvestment
      (Includes R1.1m Massmart spend)
6.44% 55.67% 247 C02(kg)/m2 R23.5m
MDD 4.4% MDD 56.81% MDD 366 C02(kg)/m2 MDD R7.6m
MW 4.0% MW 50.80% MW 575 C02(kg)/m2 MW R6.6m
MB 3.7% MB 40.17% MB 102 C02(kg)/m2 MB R3.6m
MC 9.9% MC 50.33% MC 108 C02(kg)/m2 MC R4.6m
MDD Massdiscounters Game  Dionwired MW Masswarehouse Makro
MB Massbuild Builders Warehouse  Builders Trade Depot  Builders Express MC Masscash Jumbo Cash and Carry  CBW  Shield

Sales and operating profit before foreign exchange movements Market capitalisation