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This Corporate Accountability report is intended to provide an overview, rather than an exhaustive account, of the Group’s accountability process, focus and achievements.

For further information, we recommend that you refer to the additional website-based:

2011 GRI III Questions and Answers   Eco-wise brand update
A series of Questions & Answers derived from the Global Reporting Initiative III that describes Massmart’s performance with reference to this standard.   The Eco-wise brand was launched in 2008 to promote consumer awareness about more environmentally friendly merchandise options. This Group Update summarises the progress that has been made in this regard.
Walmart Best Practice Overview   Builders Warehouse encourages recycling
An e-magazine that describes a selection of Walmart’s global social investment, sourcing, packaging, environmental and related accountability credentials.   In a drive to offer customers in-store recycling options, Builders Warehouse has implemented recycling bins in all its stores. This Group Update describes the initial pilot project.
Makro partners with Fujitsu on e-waste disposal programme   Making saving the planet and saving money easier
Makro runs an e-waste disposal project at all its stores in partnerships with Fujitsu-Siemens. This Group Update describes the e-waste situation in South Africa and Makro’s response.   Massmart encourages our chains to promote environmentally responsible products. This is a summary of some recent product promotions aligned to this objective.
Profiling supplier environmental awareness – what have we learned?   Massmart measures its 2011 energy efficiency
A Group Update that summarises the highlights of Massmart’s most recent supplier environmental survey. The survey covers manufacturing practices and environmental product and packaging attributes of manufactured merchandise.   A Group Update that offers a detailed account of the pitfalls, challenges and achievements involved in measuring energy efficiency. Data integrity remains a challenge.
Environmental attributes in the new Makro Vaal store   Massbuild installs rainwater-harvesting tanks to grow plants in its nurseries
The Makro Vaal store serves as the model for future Makro stores, three of which are currently in the construction phase. This Group Update describes steps taken to ensure that these stores use less water and electricity.   South Africa is one of the 30 driest countries in the world. This Group Update describes Builders Warehouse’s project to harvest rainwater to supplement water requirements in their in-store nurseries.
Massmart winning the fight against HIV and AIDS   Massmart’s approach to CSI is evolving
In 2005 Massmart made free anti-retroviral treatment available to all permanent staff members and their spouses. This supplemented the Group’s already established Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) programme. A Group Update describes the status of the fight against HIV and AIDS at Massmart.   In order to improve the combined impact of Massmart’s CSI projects, we are trying to align the spending of all Group Divisions. This Group Update describes our CSI vision and the underpinning rationale.
Massmart encourages early detection of priority illnesses   Massmart's approach to corporate social investment in 2012 (March 2012)
A Group Update that provides a brief synopsis of the actions that Massmart is taking to increase employee access to private health benefits and to provide in-store testing to detect priority illnesses, such as diabetes and raised cholesterol levels.   The programmes the group supports are designed to address the root causes of some of South Africa's biggest challenges.
Reaping the benefits of share ownership – Thuthukani pays out    
The Thuthukani staff empowerment scheme was launched in 2006, when permanent staff members were issued equity at R49.98. This Group Update quantifies benefits paid to Thuthukani staff culminating in the purchase of 51% of Massmart equity at R148, when Walmart partnered with Massmart.