In line with the integrated reporting requirements described in the King III Report on Corporate Governance, Massmart’s 2011 Corporate Accountability Report represents a departure from the content, style and format of previous reports.

Our overall approach is reflected in the structure of our report, which comprises the following sections:
  • Engaging with Stakeholders
  • Defining sustainability priorities
  • Stakeholder engagement feedback
  • Massmart’s progress update
  • Massmart’s accountability by the numbers
  • Additional reading list


We have progressed from our initial approach of reporting corporate accountability solely in terms of Human Capital, Black Economic Empowerment, Environment, African Operations and Corporate Social Investment scorecards.

Now we place our emphasis on providing a clear line of sight through the chain of events that starts with the stakeholder engagement process which enables us to define the risks and opportunities that result in the definition of context-specific corporate accountability objectives. In addition, we continue to report significant statistical trends via themed scorecards.

Massmart's corporate accountability proposition is to achieve commercial success by adopting a mass distribution business model that proactively incorporates the input of our stakeholders to effectively integrate commerciality and accountability.