We continue to place high emphasis on stakeholder engagement, recognising that a well-structured and authentically executed stakeholder engagement process plays a vital role in shaping our Corporate Accountability agenda.

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Arising largely from the appointment of a dedicated Stakeholder Research Manager we have significantly improved our internal stakeholder engagement capability.

Specifically, we implemented a more dynamic media-based public discourse monitoring process, as well as a more expansive stakeholder surveying capability. In addition, we have, for the first time, formulated a separate Stakeholder Engagement Report.

After conducting a leading media public discourse review, stakeholder workshops and issue-specific stakeholder surveys we have re-validated, in broad terms, the corporate accountability focus communicated in our 2011 Corporate Accountability Report.

The following is a summary of the engagement process that we followed and the key stakeholder issues that continue to influence our corporate accountability priorities.

For further information access our Stakeholder Engagement Report at: