Massmart’s Corporate Accountability Report provides highlights of the Group’s accountability progress. We refer you to the Massmart website for detailed information on our focus and achievements.

WEB   2012 GRI III Questions and Answers: A series of Questions and Answers derived from the Global Reporting Initiative III that describes Massmart’s performance with reference to this standard.

Accountability Theme 1: Enable Sustainable Supply and Consumerism

    Direct Farm: Massmart’s Direct Farm Programme – Ezemvelo
WEB   Sustainable agriculture is a key strategic initiative to drive affordability, quality and safety of food for our customers, enable security of supply and reduce adverse environmental impacts. This Group Update describes Massmart’s pilot Direct Farm Programme – Ezemvelo – launched in the Limpopo Province and how smallholder farmers are being trained and assisted in getting their produce direct to market.
    Global Ethical Sourcing
WEB   Walmart’s Standards for Suppliers are fundamental expectations of its suppliers, related to social and environmental conditions in all its markets. The Standards are utilised to evaluate employment practices and environmental compliance in facilities producing merchandise for sale by Walmart and any of its stores, world-wide. To find out more on this refer to the web link.
    Primary Packaging Rationalisation: Packaging rationalisation – a key focus for Massmart
WEB   Three-quarters of finished products require some form of packaging, which makes packaging rationalisation an important consideration when it comes to enabling sustainable consumerism. This Group Update details Massmart’s efforts to reduce the cost and improve the sustainability, recyclability and safety of its private label product packaging.
    Local Supplier Advocacy: Massmart develops advocacy programme for its seafood suppliers
WEB   Eighty-five percent of the world’s fish stocks are either overexploited or being exploited to their full capacity. To help promote greater accountability and environmental sensitivity in the seafood supply chain, Massmart has developed a structured supplier advocacy process and seafood sourcing policy. This Group Update will provide information around Massmart’s approach to promoting more responsible and sustainable practices in its seafood supply chain.
    Local Supplier Advocacy: Profiling supplier environmental awareness
WEB   Massmart recognises the effect its operations have on the environment and understands that the biggest impact that the Group can have is through supplier advocacy. In an effort to advocate environmental responsibility, the Company conducts regular surveys regarding the environmental practices of its suppliers. Refer to this Group Update for the recorded results.
    Consumer Empowerment: Eco-wise brand update
WEB   Massmart’s Eco-wise brand was launched in 2008 to promote consumer awareness about more environmentally friendly merchandise options. This Group Update summarises the progress that has been made in this regard.
    Consumer Empowerment: Making saving the planet and saving money easier
WEB   Massmart encourages its chains to promote environmentally responsible products in line with consumers’ growing expectations. This is a summary of some recent product promotions aligned to this objective.
    Accountability Theme 2: Minimise the Group Environmental Footprint
    Energy Efficiency: Massmart measures its 2011 energy efficiency
WEB   A Group Update that offers a detailed account of the pitfalls, challenges and achievements involved in measuring energy efficiency. Data integrity remains a challenge.
    Water Efficiency: Massmart’s water-harvesting strategies
    South Africa is among the 30 driest nations in the world. With a growing population of citizens and burgeoning demand for food and living facilities, water has become a precious resource. This Group Update outlines Massmart’s efforts to sustainably reduce the use of water at its facilities.
    Accountability Theme 3: Champion Social Equality Initiatives
    Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment: Reaping the benefits of share ownership – Thuthukani pays out
WEB   The Thuthukani Staff Empowerment Trust was launched in 2006, when permanent staff members were issued equity at R49.98. This Group Update quantifies benefits paid to Thuthukani staff culminating in the purchase of 51% of Massmart equity at R148, when Walmart partnered with Massmart.
    Socio-economic Development: Massmart’s approach to Corporate Social Investment in 2012
WEB   Traditionally 85% of Massmart’s CSI work has been done in the areas of nutrition and education. In both cases, efforts have been aimed at benefiting learners at primary schools in South Africa’s poorest communities. When it comes to feeding programmes, initiatives were and continue to be focused on installing container kitchens, at public schools on the Department of Basic Education’s School Nutrition Programme.
    Socio-economic Development: Massmart champions primary school feeding
    Massmart’s corporate social investment goal is to offer the greatest possible positive impact in areas that matter most. At the root of some of South Africa’s biggest problems are causes that can be addressed through focused initiatives. One such area is poor nutrition in primary schools and the negative impact it has on learner development. This Group Update highlights all of Massmart’s feeding initiatives since 2008. The ultimate aim is to put tools in the hands of people who can help improve food security in South African communities.
    Socio-economic Development: Massmart’s container kitchen initiative
WEB   Education is a powerful tool, an essential factor for changing the future of poorer communities in South Africa. But before a child can learn, before they can make the best of the educational opportunities afforded them – they need to eat. This Group Update describes Massmart’s Container Kitchen corporate social initiative, making a measurable difference for school children in South Africa.
    Women’s Economic Empowerment: Massmart works to support women entrepreneurs
WEB   Massmart looks for ways to support income-producing ventures for women. This Group Update focuses on the various ways Massmart aims to empower women including bringing greater numbers of women into its retail and wholesale supply chain, financing rural women entrepreneurs and helping women who run (stokvel) collective savings schemes save on bulk purchases. Whether in local communities or in its stores, Massmart’s goal remains the same: to expand the access that women have to entrepreneurial opportunities that can improve their lives.
    Women’s Economic Empowerment: Empowering women in the workplace is a priority for Massmart
WEB   This Group Update reports on several interviews with women working for Massmart or participating in Massmart’s career building schemes. The Group offers bursaries to young women interested in obtaining retail-related degrees, it helps launch the careers of recent university graduates and it promotes women through the retail ranks, continuously aiming to empower women in the workplace.
    Women’s Economic Empowerment: Massmart is focused on developing rural women in South Africa
WEB   Massmart focuses on creating income-producing opportunities for rural women, historically amongst the most marginalised in South African society. This Group Update provides detail on the establishment of the Massmart – Women’s Development Business (WDB) Rural Women’s Development Fund and the continued support.
    Employee Healthcare Benefits: Massmart encourages early detection of priority illnesses
WEB   Massmart’s commitment to sustainability in our markets starts with sustainable health and productivity of all employees in the most comprehensive scope of remediation possible. It makes good business sense and is a real, human contribution to South Africa’s future. This Group Update emphasises Massmart’s steps in improving the lives of its employees.
    Employee HIV/AIDS Benefits: Massmart winning the fight against HIV/Aids
WEB   With an estimated 11% or 5.7 million South Africans tested as HIV-positive, the impact of the disease is being felt in all aspects of South African life. Since 2001 Massmart has been proactively involved in the testing, counselling and education of its permanent employees. Massmart’s programme is called Impilo and it has made steady progress in helping HIV-positive individuals.