Massmart’s Corporate Accountability proposition is to achieve commercial success by adopting a mass distribution business model that proactively incorporates the input of our stakeholders to effectively integrate commerciality and accountability.

Our overall approach is reflected in the structure of our report, which comprises the following sections:

  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Defining sustainable priorities
  • Massmart’s progress update
  • Massmart’s accountability
    by the numbers
  • Supplementary reading

This report sets out to demonstrate how we give practical effect to this proposition, from our first engagement with stakeholders through to the implementation of accountability initiatives that respond to opportunities to: champion social equality initiatives; enable sustainable supply and consumerism; and minimise our Group environmental footprint.

Together with further readings, we are for the first time providing a self declaration on our report at application Level C, as part of the Global Reporting Initiative G3 Reporting Guidelines.

Our accountability initiatives are wide ranging and extend from integrating small holder farmers into our supply chain, rationalising private label product packaging and improving store energy efficiency to championing black economic empowerment and increasing employee access to affordable private healthcare benefits.

If you would like to engage Massmart about any aspect of this report or our wider corporate accountability agenda then please contact